Bubbles are created during a game when you connect 7 or more Tsums together in a chain. If the "+Bubble" item is activated, it will reduce the required number to 6. They will clear a small area of Tsums surrounding the bubble.

Bubbles are known as Bombs in the Japanese version.

Magic Bubble Types Edit

Bubbles will randomly have special bonuses in them. They vary from extra Time to extra Score.

Bubble Type
Chain Range
Chain Range for Best Odds

Normal Magical Bubbles

These are the typical blank bubbles with no bonuses in them. Chains from 7-8, (6 if the "+Bubble" Bonus Item is used) will always be a Normal Bubble.

7-13 7-8

Time Bubbles

These bubbles have a timer in the middle and add an additional +2 seconds to the timer.

9-16 9-12

Exp Bubbles (Star Bubbles)

These bubbles have a star in the middle of the bubble, and will give an additional +10 Experience.

11-18 13-15

Coin Bubbles

Coin bubbles will have a coin in the middle of the bubble and will give an additional +10 Coins when popped.

13-20 16-18

Score Bubbles

Score bubbles will have a small three bursts connected to each other, inside the bubble. These will give you an additional Bubble Score x2. When connecting a chain of 21 or more Tsums, you will be guaranteed to get a Score Bubble.

15-21+ 19+

Tsums with a Bubble SkillEdit

See the Bubbles Skill category

Tsums Marie and Miss Bunny will create random bubbles as part of their skill ability. Marie creates normal magical bubbles, while Miss Bunny randomly creates special item magic bubbles in addition to the normal bubbles.

Horn Hat Mickey will also create Bubbles, that you can move anywhere on the screen. It will also make any existing Bubbles movable as well.

Parade Tinker Bell starts Fever Mode, clears a horizontal line of Tsums, and creates bubbles.

Moana will turn any Moana Tsums that are caught in her skill's horizontal clear ability into Score Bubbles.


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