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Welcome to the Disney Tsum Tsum Wiki

LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum is a mobile device puzzle game developed and published by LINE Corporation. It is available for iOS and Android devices. This wiki will cover both English and Japanese versions. As this wiki is maintained in English, the International version that can be changed to different languages will be referred to as the English version. Everybody is welcome to contribute and help edit anything they feel is fit for the wiki.

Please visit our Editing Guidelines and Manual of Style pages for information on how to properly edit and add information to the wiki.

Also, check out the Game Info section for basic information about the game and the Tsum Tsum characters.

Visit the Bingo page for information and strategies on how to play each mission card.

View the Forums for any new information or trade LINE IDs so you can make more friends.

We recently added the new Plushies page for your plushie needs.

Marvel Tsum Tsum has just been released for the International audience!

Basic Information Pages to Visit

Game Info FAQs Tsums Bingo Cards Plushies
Marvel Tsums Marvel Missions

Helpful Pages

Bubbles Exp MyTsum Chart
Skill Upgrade Pickup Gacha Lucky Time

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