Experience, labeled as EXP or XP in the game, is the amount needed to level your account up. The exact amount needed to level up to the next level is hidden to the player. Instead, only a Star percentage is shown on the screen. However, a specific EXP number gained is shown on the Score screen after each game.[1]

You earn a base 100 EXP simply for starting the game and it increases as you reach certain Scores. EXP Bubbles (Star Bubbles) will give an additional +10 EXP. The +Exp Item Booster will give an additional 10% EXP to your end game experience.

EXP Chart Edit

Score EXP
0 100 EXP
10K 104 EXP
30K 110 EXP
50K 120 EXP
100K 130 EXP
150K 140 EXP
200K 150 EXP
300K 160 EXP
400K 170 EXP
500K 180 EXP
600K 190 EXP
700K 200 EXP
800K 250 EXP
900K 300 EXP
1.0M 350 EXP
1.5M 400 EXP
2M 450 EXP
3M 500 EXP
4M 550 EXP
5M 600 EXP
6M 650 EXP
7M 700 EXP
8M 750 EXP
9M 800 EXP

Experience LevelEdit

Your Experience Level is the amount of Experience you have accumulated. It appears as a star with a progress bar in the upper left corner of the game screen. To increase a Experience Level, you must collect enough Experience to fill the progress bar on the screen. When you increase an Experience Level, a notification will appear on your screen saying that you will receive Rubies and Hearts in your Mail Box.

Level Bonus ChartEdit

At the end of each game, a Level Bonus is awarded based on Experience Level. The Level Bonus is a percentage that is added to the score.

Experience Level Level Bonus (Percentage)
0-9 10%
10-19 11%
20-29 12%
30-39 13%
40-49 14%
50-59 15%
60-69 16%
70-79 17%
80-89 18%
90-99 19%
100-109 20%
110-119 21%
120-129 22%
130-139 23%
140-149 24%
150-215 25%
216-359 26%
360-484 27%
485-500 28%


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