This event ran during May 2017. Star-Lord(Annihilation), Gamora (All-New All-Different), and Yondu were introduced in tandem with this event.


Area 1Edit

Find Guardians of the Galaxy members to fight space threats. Clear the mission and advance further!

Area 2Edit

Unlock the security doors and chase down Nebula! The security doors dividing the screen are unlocked by tracing the number of Tsum Tsum on the padlock!

Area 3Edit

Break the water prison on the screen to rescue the Guardians! Break the water prison by hitting it with bombs and skills or by tracing Tsum Tsum around it!


Set certain Tsum Tsum as the leader for easier clear (Star-Lord(Annihilation) and Gamora (All-New All-Different)!

  • Decrease the padlock chain number!
  • Break the water prison with 1 Skill!



The event on the Marvel Tsum Tsum wiki: Guardians of the Galaxy (Event)

Event ImagesEdit

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