This event ran during April 2017. Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, and Lockjaw were introduced in tandem with this event.


  • Clearing the event rewards you with a new Tsum: Lockjaw.
  • Clear missions to earn Medals!
    • Each mission has a number of medals you will earn by completing that mission and the card itself will have a total number of medals you have to get to complete the card.
    • The number of medals you get for a mission varies both by how difficult the missions is and the 'Rarity' of the mission. "Super rare" missions are worth more than "rare" missions.
  • Collect Medals to fight Battles! Win for rewards!
    • Once you have gotten enough medals to complete a card you will have one final mission: a battle against a hero where you will have to defeat a certain number of that Hero's Tsums. There battles are similar to some other battles where there will be several smaller Tsums you are battling at once that will be replaced as you defeat them.
  • After you win the final battle you will get the prize for that card and the card will be replaced with a new and more difficult card (with progressively better prizes). There are a total of 21 cards to complete during the event!

Bonus MissionsEdit

Earn more Medals at Bonus Missions! You can play Bonus Missions when you have the following Tsum Tsum: Crystal!

Rewards Edit

Card # Reward
5 3 Orbs
10 Lockjaw Tsum Tsum (+5 Luck)
11 5 Red Iso-8
12 30 Yellow Iso-8
15 Lockjaw Tsum Tsum (+5 Luck)
21 10 Orbs

Mission Types Edit

Bomb Missions Edit

Leaders Edit

Black Widow, White Fox, Rocket Raccoon, Crossbones, Doctor Strange, Punisher, Dagger

Team Members Edit

War Machine, Howard the Duck, Rocket Raccoon, Venom, Chemistro, Moon Girl, Gwenpool, Maximus

Mega Charge Missions Edit

Leaders Edit

Iron Man, Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange

Chain Missions Edit

Leaders Edit

Falcon, Peggy Carter, Squirrel Girl, Cosmo, Vision, Spider-Man, Groot, Loki, Man-Thing, Mephisto, Chemistro, Jessica Jones, Nick Fury, Mosaic, Corvus Glaive, Red Skull, Madame Hydra, Ant-Man

Team Members Edit

Black Widow, Spider-Man, Loki, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Iron Spider, Daredevil, Morgan Le Fay

Combo Missions Edit

Leaders Edit

Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, Howard the Duck

Team Members Edit

Hawkeye, Agent 13, Spider-Gwen, Black Cat, Baron Mordo, Nick Fury

Skill Usage Missions Edit

Leaders Edit

Phil Coulson, Darkhawk, Madame Masque, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Nightmare, War Machine, She-Hulk, Bengal, Luke Cage, Falcon, Kate Bishop, Winter Soldier, Silk, Black Cat, Elektra

Team Members Edit

Black Widow, Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Special Skill Usage Missons Edit

Leaders Edit

Phil Coulson, Falcon, Darkhawk, Star-Lord, Chemisro, Bengal, Kate Bishop, Daredevil

Large Tsum Missions Edit

Leaders Edit

Hulk, White Tiger, Venom, Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Scream, Yellowjacket, Supreme Intelligence

Team Members Edit

Thor, Destroyer, Mephisto, Ant-Man

Coin Missions Edit

Team Members Edit

Star-Lord, Green Goblin

Links Edit

The event on the Marvel Tsum Tsum wiki: Heroes for Hire (April 2017)


Event ImagesEdit

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