This 3 card event ran until October 31, 2015.


During the event, pumpkin hearts randomly appeared. When playing with a pumpkin heart, a giant pumpkin would randomly drop during the game. In order to clear the pumpkin, it needed to be hit three times with either Magic Bubbles or a Tsum's skill. The pumpkin contained various rewards such as coins, heartsitem tickets, or candies. Candies were used to fill a pumpkin. Once the pumpkin filled up, the card cleared and the following prizes were awarded:

Card 1 - Premium Ticket

Card 2 - Skill Ticket

Card 3 - Holiday Jack Tsum x1


New cards were released on 10/05, 10/16, and 10/23. Complete all the cards to receive the new Santa Jack Tsum! 

  • During the event, Pumpkin Hearts will appear on the heart meter.
  • When playing the Pumpkin Hearts, a Pumpkin will appear during game play!
  • Burst the Pumpkin by hitting it 3 times with Bubbles or Skills to receive a prize!
    • Collect the number of candies required for each card to complete the card!
    • Coins or Items may also be rewarded from the Pumpkins!


Event ImagesEdit

Lucky TimesEdit

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