This event ran during October 2016.


Clear the event to receive a Halloween pin and the new Tsum Tsum, Rattle Bones Pluto!

  • Create chains to create the special Pumpkin Bubbles!
  • Fill the Pumpkin Card with candies!
  • Tap the Pumpkin Bubbles to receive the candy!
    • Time Bubbles, Score Bubbles, Star Bubbles, and Coin Bubbles will also appear
  • Pumpkin Bubbles will randomly have invitations to a Candy Party!
    • Take the invitation after the game ends to start the Party!
    • Earn lots of candies at the Candy Party!
  • Use the new Tsums for a Character Bonus!
    • Using the new Halloween Tsums as your MyTsum will earn you extra Candies!
  • Check the back of card to see your Pumpkin collection!
  • Collect all 20 Pumpkins to complete the collection!


Card Reward Candies Pumpkin Character
1 5 Hearts 50 Donald
2 +Bubble Item Ticket 60 Stitch
3 Rattle Bones Pluto Tsum 100 Pooh
4 3000 Coins 120 Jack Skellington
5 3 +EXP Item Tickets 140 White Rabbit
6 Rattle Bones Pluto Tsum 200 Pluto
7 3 +Score Item Tickets 220 Sulley
8 2 +Bubble Item Tickets 240 Angel
9 Rattle Bones Pluto Tsum 300 Bambi
10 Magical Time Ticket 330 Marie
11 3 +Time Item Tickets 360 Daisy
12 Rattle Bones Pluto Tsum 500 Mike
13 Premium Ticket 540 Piglet
14 2 5>4 Item Tickets 580 Zero
15 Skill Ticket 700 Cheshire Cat
16 3 +Bubble Item Tickets 750 Dale
17 Magical Time Ticket 800 Goofy
18 3 5>4 Item Tickets 850 Minnie
19 Rattle Bones Pluto Tsum 1000 Chip
20 Pumpkin Pin 1200 Horn Hat Mickey


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