This 2-part event ran during May and June 2016. Part I ran from May 11 to May 30. Part II ran from June 1 to June 19.


Clearing Part I rewarded you with the new C-3PO Tsum and a pin! Clearing Part II rewarded you with the new Princess Leia Tsum, C-3PO Tsum, and a pin! Clearing both parts rewarded you with a special Star Wars Pin!

Part IEdit

  • Earn points to clear the card!
  • You will roll a 1-3 sided die and will move across the map accordingly.
    • The spot you land on with give you the corresponding mission!
    • Clear the mission to earn the amount of points shown on the spot!
    • If the Mission is too difficult, you can skip it.
    • If you clear missions continuously, the amount of points the spot is worth will go up!
  • Stopping on a Lucky Spot will give you large points!
  • Using one of the new Star Wars series Tsums will have increased effects!
  • Storm Troopers will randomly appear!
    • Defeat the Storm Troopers to earn coin rewards!
    • Use Bombs or Skills to defeat them!
  • Clear all three cards to complete the event Part I!

Part IIEdit

Defeat all the Star Destroyers to get Star Wars series Tsums and pins! You can receive the new Princess Leia Tsum!

  • When the Star Destroyer appears, you have 60 minutes to defeat it!
    • Use your Skills and Bubbles on the Storm Troopers to damage the Star Destroyer!
    • If you fail to defeat the Star Destroyer, it will return with some regained health.
  • Clear all 30 cards!
  • Use one of the new Star Wars Tsums to do added damage!
  • You may also help out your friends in defeating the Star Destroyers!
  • Click on the Panel Icon next to the Star Destroyer to see which friends need help!
    • Present Capsules may also drop in the middle of a friend battle!
    • The Present Capsules will contain Coins, Items, Tickets, or C-3PO Tsums!

Gallery Edit

Event ImagesEdit

Lucky TimesEdit


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