This 24 card event ran until September 26, 2015.


Clear all 24 cards to win presents such as the new Abu Tsum and Skill Tickets!

  • Lamp Capsules do damage to Jafar!
  • Bombs and Skills will collect the lamps!
  • Silver Hearts will have small lamps and large lamps!
  • Gold Hearts will have only large lamps capsules!
    • Large Lamps will do increased damage!
  • Use Tsums with a Character Bonus!

Chance Time will give you twice as many chances to get a Gold Heart to appear in the heart meter. It will occur 3 times per day.

Morning: 8:00-9:00AM

Afternoon: 12:00-1:00PM

Evening: 8:00-9:00PM


Lucky TimesEdit


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