This 6 card event ran during July 2016 and ended July 26, 2016. Wonderland Alice, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, March Hare, and Theatrical Mad Hatter were introduced in tandem with this event.


  • Choose a card to find out your mission!
  • Clear the mission to advance spots!
  • Catch up to White Rabbit!
    • Catching the White Rabbit the specified amount of times clears the card!
  • Use one of the new Alice In Wonderland Tsums for bonus help!
    • Use the same Tsum as the card you picked to help clear the mission!
  • Select the Joker card for a Capsule game!
    • During the Capsule game pop the Capsules that will appear!
    • Use your Bombs or Skill twice to pop the Capsule!
    • Using one of the new Alice In Wonderland Tsums only require Bombs or Skill use one time!
    • The White Rabbit will not move after a Joker Card Game!
    • Move the amount of spaces of popped Capsules!
  • Clear all 6 Cards to earn the new March Hare Tsum, Skill Tickets, and a Pin!
    • Clear a Bonus Card to get a Gold Pin!


Event ImagesEdit

Lucky TimesEdit


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