This 20 card event ran until June 27, 2016.


The Cinderella event is a combination of the Hunny Drop Event & the Japan Halloween 2015 Event / International Halloween 2016 Event. You can collect points by clearing lanterns. After finishing all 3 cards, you receive a Prince Charming Tsum and a special pin for completing the event.


Clear cards to get Skill Tickets or the new Prince Charming Tsum! Clear all 20 cards to get a Cinderella Pin!

  • Earn Magical Points by popping Magical Bottles!
    • Use Bombs or Skills to pop the bottles!
    • Magical Bottles are worth 5 Magical Points!
  • Magical Bottles may also contain a Magical Party Time invitation!
    • Magical Party Time will activate at the end of the game!
    • Magical Bottles are worth 1 Point each during Party Time, but a lot will appear!
  • Clear all 20 Cards to receive the Cinderella Pin!


Event ImagesEdit


Lucky TimesEdit


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