This event ran during June 2017. Happy Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and Maximus were introduced in tandem with this event.


Clear the cards to earn Pins, Items, and Coins!

  • Tap the book to start the story and open the map!
  • Clear the missions and advance the story!
  • Land on a treasure box mission spot to earn the treasure!
    • Use Bombs and Skills to open the Treasure Boxes!
    • Coins and Items will be in the Treasure Boxes!
  • Clear a Key Spot to open the next book!
  • Clear all 4 volumes and advance the missions by getting the Key!
  • Use one of the new Tangled Tsums for a Character Bonus!
  • Clear all the books to get a Silver Pin and unlock an Extra Book!
    • Mission Assist is available for the Bonus Card!
    • Tap the "!" button on the Bonus Card to use Rubies to decrease the mission difficulty!
    • The modified mission will appear in red!
    • Clear the Bonus Card to earn a Gold Pin!


Lucky TimesEdit

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