101 DalmatiansEdit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet 101Dalmatians Mini 2015

Aladdin Edit


Alice In Wonderland Edit


The AristocatsEdit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet Aristocats jpn 2016 Mini

Bambi Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet Bambi 2016 Mini

Beauty and the Beast Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet BeautyAndTheBeast 2016 Mini

Big Hero 6 Edit


Chicken LittleEdit

Cinderella Edit

Modal tsum-tsum-tuesdays 20150106

Dumbo Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSetBag Dumbo uk 2016 Mini Banner

Fantasia Edit

  • Sorcerer Mickey
  • Yen Sid
  • Chernabog
  • Ben Ali Gator
  • Hyacinth Hippo
  • Hop Low
  • Baby Pegasus

Frozen Edit

Modal tsum-tsum-tuesdays 20150203

The Jungle Book Edit


Lady and the Tramp Edit

Lilo & Stitch Edit


The Lion King Edit


The Little Mermaid Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet LittleMermaid jpn 2016 Mini

Mickey & FriendsEdit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet Mickey&Friends jpn 2016 Mini


DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet Moana 2016 Mini Banner
  • Moana
  • Maui
  • Pua
  • Hei-Hei
  • Kakamora
  • Sea Turtle
  • Tamatoa

The Nightmare Before Christmas Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet NightmareBeforeChristmas uk 2016 Mini Banner

Peter Pan Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet PeterPan Mini Banner 2015

Phineas and Ferb Edit


DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet Pinocchio jpn 2016 Mini

Princess and the Frog Edit

The RescuersEdit

Sleeping Beauty Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet SleepingBeauty jpn 2016 Mini

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Edit

Tangled Edit

Modal tsum-tsum tangled 20160216

The Three Little Pigs Edit

  • Big Bad Wolf
  • Fiddler
  • Fifer
  • Practical


DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet UniBEARsity jpn 2016 Mini 8

Villains Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet Villains uk 2016 Mini Banner

Winnie the Pooh Edit


Zootopia Edit

DisneyTsumTsum PlushSet Zootopia jpn 2016 Mini

The Lion Guard Edit


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