Series Winnie the Pooh
Box Type Happiness
Skill Description Stops the timer for a little bit!
Number Required For Full Charge 15
Minimum Score
(Lvl. 1)
Score Increase Per Level 12
Max Score
(Lvl. 50)
Tsums Required For Max Skill Upgrade 7
Pooh is a Happiness Box Tsum. As if he has gotten himself stuck in honey, Pooh will freeze time, giving you time to chain Tsums together.

Information Edit

Pooh Tsum is a Time Stop Tsum. His base time is 4 seconds.

Strategy Edit

While time is stopped, you will be able to connect Tsums together that would normally be too far apart to connect otherwise.

Skill Level Edit

Skill Level Time Skill Upgrade
1 4.0 sec 1
2 4.2 sec 2
3 4.5 sec 4


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